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How to use the app

Ring Biosecurity NZ immediately if you're confident it's new


If you're confident that you've found a pest species new to New Zealand, please don't hesitate to call Biosecurity New Zealand free at 0800 80 99 66.

If you're less sure, or if it's a pest already in New Zealand that's spreading, use the Find-A-Pest app to take photo(s) and report your observation. 


If you need help with the Find-A-Pest app or have questions, email us


We endeavor to respond to all reports within 1 business day. 


The first time you load the app, you will see a short series of introductory screens, which you can skip if you choose. After this, you will be asked to select your region, which will help to filter the list of pest fact sheets to the most relevant to you.

You can explore the app through the fact sheets lists, or search for a specific pest.

To report any suspected pest sighting, simply click the “Report a Pest” button on the home screen or from any fact sheet. Fill in the form and click send.

You can send up to 3 observations without signing into the app.

Signing into the app is done through iNaturalist. When you select “Log In” from the menu, it will take you to the iNaturalist login page. Make sure you select the sign up button if you don’t already have a iNaturalist account.

Our Find-A-Pest identifiers and the experts on iNaturalist NZ will quickly get stuck in to identifying what you submit and you'll see their identifications and comments on the Activity page on your app. You can only access this section of the app once you are signed in.


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  • Once you are signed in, you can edit your Profile Settings, accessed from the menu bar

  • We ask for your phone number in case you observe a significant pest and we need to follow up with you regarding it.  

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  • The quickest way to make an observation is to click the report a pest in the on the home page. Just snap a photo and send it in. 

  • You can also search through the factsheets in each sector to find out more about pests and send in an observation from there.

  • You will receive feedback on your observation which will show up in the activity tab in the app.

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